What is included in my reservation?

Your reservation includes a private luxury suite for your cat(s) measuring 6’L x 4’W x 6.5’H or 156 cubic feet with views of the outdoors complete with 5ft climbing tree, toys, luxury bedding, with food bowl, water bowl, and hooded litter box provided. As well as 30 minutes of private one-on-one human interaction time per suite reserved, and access to a webcam with laser pointer toy in the suite so you can check up on, play, and talk with your kitty while you’re away.


What additional services can I add to my cat’s reservation?

For an additional charge you can add additional services such as getting your cat’s nails trimmed or added personal interaction time.


How does the webcam work?

We use PetCube Play webcams in all our suites. In order to access your suite’s webcam you will need to download the app and register for an account. At check-in we will share the webcam access with you via your provided email address. At check-out your access to the camera will be removed.


When is payment due?

We require a $25 deposit to be paid at the time of reservation. The remaining balance is due at check in.


What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Reservations must be canceled at least 1 week prior to the start of the reservation to receive a full refund. Cancellations occurring less then 1 week from the start of the reservation will forfeit their deposit. Any cats that are a no-show on the day of check-in will forfeit their reservation and the remaining days will be available to reserve for other cats.


I have multiple cats to board, what are my options?

Each luxury suite will accommodate up to 3 cats. If you have more than 3 cats to board or would like your cats to have more room, you can reserve multiple cat suites as all of our suites have an adjoining door that can be opened.


I don’t think my cat will like the one-on-one interaction time, can I forego that service and get a discount?

We believe your cat deserves personal attention and stimulation to be a happy healthy kitty while away from home. We try our best to tailor fit this personal attention time to your cat's needs and wants. This private time ideally will be in the form of cuddles or play time with a person. If this is just not something your cat is into we will also try other forms of stimulation such as free time to roam and explore the common areas of the boarding facility or even just talking to the kitty and making them feel comfortable. This is included in the normal nightly reservation fee and cannot be parsed out or discounted.