Visiting The Casual Cat Cafe

Admission: Shopping in our retail section or hanging out in the cafe overlooking the cat lounge is always free. However, in order to cover our costs such as rent, utilities, paying our caring staff, and various cat expenses, we do charge admission into the cat lounge. Current rates are as follows:

Regular Admission: $10 (up to 2 hours); $15 for the whole day. 

*Senior/Military/Student: $7 (up to 2 hours); $10 for the whole day

*Valid IDs required for these discounted rates. The Senior rate applies to anyone 65 years or older, our military rate is for both active duty and veterans, and the student rate is applicable for children 18 and under and college students with valid ID. 

Kids aged 1 and under are free. For the safety of the cats and children, children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult in the cat lounge at all times and there must be at least 1 adult for every 3 children.

Monthly Passes: Allows for whole day entry during regular operating hours. Not valid for entrance to or during events. Check our Events page for currently scheduled events. See below for monthly pass levels and rates:

  • Munchkin Cat: $25 - Unlimited full day cat lounge entry for 1
  • Domestic Short Hair: $40 - Unlimited full day cat lounge entry for 2
  • Maine Coon: $70 - Unlimited full day cat lounge entry for a family (up to 5 guests)

What to Expect: The Casual Cat Cafe has parking and entrances in both the front and back of the building, feel free to use either. Once you enter, you will be in our cafe/retail section. We sell a variety of cat themed items, cat supplies, and Canidae cat food in our retail section and Keurig drinks, sodas, water, juice boxes, and assorted packaged snacks in our cafe. You'll pay your entrance fee and any items purchased at the register in the retail area. For the health and safety of that cats we ask that all visitors remove their shoes and keep their socks on. Also, if you have an issue preventing you from safely or easily removing your shoes or walking without your shoes please let us know as we can waive the restriction for you. If you did not bring socks or do not like your socks we have freshly laundered and adorable cat-themed socks to borrow. After that you're all set to enter the cat lounge. We typically have around 12-15 cats in the cat lounge all waiting for their forever homes. We also usually have a mix of kittens and older kitties. 

Adopting a Cat: Our cats come from a variety of shelters and rescues. While they all have the same vetting each cat may have a different adoption fee or adoption process. If you are interested in a specific cat, please see their page in our Available cats section to find out their adoption fee.  Once you are interested in a cat we can let you know what the adoption process is for the particular rescue or shelter. 100% of the adoption fee you pay goes to the sponsoring rescue or shelter. 

Come Party With Us! We have had several groups host their birthday parties or group outing at The Casual Cat Cafe. We do not yet have a specific program in place. If you are interested in having your party here you will simply pay the admission for each person in your group. Please note we require at least 1 adult in the cat lounge for every 3 children 12 and under. You are welcome to bring a cake, cupcakes, etc and enjoy in the cat lounge or in the cafe section. We have a full size refrigerator and freezer where we can store anything you bring for the party that needs to stay cold.