Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my cat?

Unfortunately, No. This is the question (or statement) we hear the most. Usually it's a statement such as "I cant wait to come and bring my little Fluffy!". The Casual Cat Cafe serves as a temporary home for cats and kittens who are waiting to be adopted. We make sure to only have the number of cats that can roam comfortably and stress-free in the space we have, we ensure all cafe cats are up-to date on vaccinations, and have been eased into the cat cafe environment. We cannot accommodate new, unfamiliar cats coming in and out of the cafe daily. This is for the protection (and sanity) of your cat(s) and the cafe cats. 

Why do you charge for visitors to play with cats?

100% of adoption fees are given directly to the rescue or shelter responsible for the cat. Honestly, the majority of the time the adoption fee does not even cover the full cost of vetting and care the rescue or shelter has put in to the cat. The entrance fee charged is how we are able to pay for the rent, utilities, food, supplies, and caring staff for the cats. The cats in the cat lounge are viewable from our cafe area for no charge.

caN I buy a gift car for my friend who loves cats?

Yes! You can purchase gift cards to be used on anything at The Casual Cat Cafe by clicking here!


I have to take off my shoes??

Yes! We try to maintain a clean and healthy environment for our cafe cats and throughout the day your shoes can pick up a whole host of germs and dirt. Also, it is very hard to tell if a cat tail or arm is under your foot when wearing shoes until its too late. Removing the shoes allows for less danger to the cats. 

What if I didn't bring socks?

We require all guests in the cat lounge to cover their feet with socks or booties. If you did not bring socks with you....or maybe your own socks are a bit unsightly, you may borrow a pair of cafe socks which must be returned (into the dirty sock basket) open exiting the cat lounge. Socks are laundered daily and always fresh and clean for guests. 

My Child LOVES cats, can I bring him/her?

For the safety of the cats and children, children must be accompanied by an adult at all times and there must be at least 1 adult for every 3 children. The cats in the cat lounge are viewable from our cafe area for no charge.

What type of cafe selections do your offer?

Our cafe section is a work in progress as we navigate the restrictions from the health department and currently we are just offering pre-bottled and pre-packaged drinks and snacks